Jam and jelly lovers are mourning the loss of a favorite brand that will no longer be offered in New York stores.

As companies continue to downsize and streamline their operations, more and more products are finding themselves on the chopping block.

The past few years have been filled with news of popular items being discontinued. At the end of 2022 there were riots in the shopping aisles after Ronzoni announced that it was stopping the production of pastina. Those small, pasta stars were a part of so many families for generations, and its discontinuation sent Italian grandmas rushing to the store to stock up.

Since then, there have been many other profile items that have disappeared from store shelves for good. Good Humor shocked ice cream fans by announcing the end of its toasted almond bars. Nabisco ended sales of its Famous Chocolate Wafers and most recently it was revealed that Fruit Stripe Gum was no longer being sold anywhere in the United States.

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Famous Jelly Brand Discontinued Without Notice

Jam and jelly fans were shocked to learn that Knott's Berry Farm products have been secretly disappearing from store shelves throughout the Hudson Valley. Known for its unique boysenberry jam, the brand is over 100 years old.

The Southern Californian berry farm was selling jam over a century ago when it decided to add some rides and attractions to its property in an attempt to attract more tourists. All the while, Knott's Berry Farm continued to sell its popular jams and jellies, rolling them out to supermarkets across the country.

Why Were Knott's Berry Farm Products Discontinued?

The Knott's Berry brand was sold off years ago and eventually acquired by Smucker's in 2008. It's unclear why the jelly maker decided to kill the brand, but many suspect that it was to bolster its own jelly line.

A message on the Knott's Berry Farm website confirms that the brand is no longer available.

Knott's Berry Farm brand has been discontinued and is no longer being sold. Visit our website to explore the full J.M. Smucker Co. portfolio, featuring high-quality, trusted brands our consumers love.

Knott's Berry Farm
Knott's Berry Farm

"Knott" the End of the Story?

The Knott's Berry Farm theme park still has its own Berry Market, and consumers will be happy to learn that it's still selling its brand of jams and jellies online. Those who can't live without that original Knott's Berry Farm boysenberry jam can still get it shipped to their door directly from the farm.

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