I have always wanted to buy an old house that had been left to ruin and instead of tearing it down, I would bring it back to life. The way they made houses in the past makes them fun to restore.

I don't have the talent for actual construction but I do know about bones. All houses have bones. Unfortunately, not all are as well established as the structures that seem to be keeping 345 Tow Path Road withstanding the test of time.

Where is Tow Path Road in Accord, New York?

Not only does this house have great potential but it also has a great location. Set near the winding Rondout Creek this place could make a great space for you and for your friends. What is also interesting is how close the property is to the old Tow Path which runs through right near the property.


What is a Tow Path and Why is it in the Hudson Valley?

The Tow Path is exactly what it sounds like, it was a path things were towed on from the Hudson River to inland parts of the New York State and beyond.

Most of the Tow Path area is being turned into a linear Green Space. The D & H Linear Park is part of this path. The path was used decades ago to move goods from Kingston down to Other parts of the East Coast.

Restoring this farm which will also have green space rounded and protected from development would bring back a cool part of history plus you would be living in a one-of-a-kind neighborhood.

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Take a Look: See If Turner's Farm is For You

Old Ulster County Farm on Tow Path

Some houses that have been left to ruin can seem impossible to restore but the home at 345 Tow Path Road still seems to have great bones. It is also in a great location if you are looking for open space and some Hudosn Valley history. You must take a look at Turner's Farm.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn