Deer hunting season is in full swing, but one Upstate New York hunter is claiming that deer aren't the only things in the New York wilderness.

Steuben New York Hunter Spots Possible Bigfoot

Over the weekend the team at Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley shared a new Bigfoot encounter from a deer hunter in Upstate, New York. In the report, the hunter claims to have seen a "tall dark figure shaped like a pillar."

In a statement that was shared with Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley, the hunter explains that they along with another hunter heard loud noises and the snapping of branches. They write:

After we got settled in a spot we started hearing wood hitting wood which sounds completely different from stepping on a branch that breaks. And several whooping grunting noises.

Shortly after those noises, the hunters heard something stomping through the woods breaking larger branches. According to the post, the noise and stomping were so loud they believed a bear was in the area.

Large Pillar-Like Figure Appears in Upstate New York Woods

The noises grew so close and so loud that it brought the hunters to their feet. That's when they say they saw "a tall dark figure shaped like a pillar" about 50 yards away in the same direction that the noises were coming from.

"I was staring at it for about 5 mins trying to see what I was seeing," the hunter writes, adding:

The top where a head would be was turning back and forth. The reason I know is cause there was something a dark red color that I kept seeing move around. And the darkness of the figure seemed to change like it was moving.

In the blink of an eye the creature was gone, but the wood-hitting, grunting and whooping noises continued in different directions. As the noises died down, the hunter left the woods to find a different hunting spot.

We reached out to the hunter who shared with us that the 2 have been hunting for years and "we've never heard the sounds we heard that day."

While there were no photos, we've heard many stories about Bigfoot calling noises that are much like wood knocking and grunting sounds. This encounter sounds on brand for Bigfoot.

Bigfoot has been sighted in New York State and the Hudson Valley for over 30 years, is this another sighting we should be adding to the list? You can read the hunter's full statement below:

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