It was back in March that I first learned about a farm in Ulster County that was rescuing and raising Wild Mustangs. Black Crow Mustangs located in Ulster County has been educating the Hudson Valley on the needs of the majestic Mustang.

A symbol of the American West the Mustang is also an iconic creature who holds a special place in American history. Arriving in America in the 1500s, some of these horses would break free and populate the American West establishing the herds we see today.

Wild American Mustangs Call the Hudson Valley Home

Black Crow Mustang Trainers Mike and Cody are accomplished equestrians. Between them, they have decades of horse experience. Mike has been around horses since the age of four and Cody started learning about horses at age eight. Fast forward and you have two people dedicated to the horses they want to help.

Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook
Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook

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I feel like I just got the info out on how you can join them at The Farm in New Paltz and now I get to share that they are ready to expand. Big news broke this week for Black Crow Mustangs they shared on Facebook that they are leaving New Paltz and going a small distance down the road to Montgomery, New York.

Learn About the American Mustang in New York

Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook
Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook

The new home of the Black Crow Mustangs is looking pretty good. Check out the video tour.

Black Crow Mustangs Moves to Orange County, New York

WE ARE MOVING… Orange County Here we Come!
Once again, we have exciting news to share!! We have a BRAND NEW FACILITY!
Our new home is located at 2716 Albany Post Road, Montgomery, NY 12549. It's just a quick 30-minute drive from New Paltz and conveniently close to Angry Orchard. (Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook)
Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook
Black Crow Mustangs via Facebook

This new home will allow the organization to help more and teach more. They hope to feature Mustang events, volunteer opportunities, and even scholarship programs. Mike and Cody are very grateful to everyone who has helped them get this far.

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