Another survey, and another low score for the state of New York. But at least this time we're not talking about taxes.

A website called decided to survey its 1.5 million followers on the nation's friendliest and least friendliest states. It looks like New York finished dead last. But are we surprised?

Is all really that bad? The website described New Yorkers as:

Locals might seem a bit gruff at first, but it’s a melting pot of many cultures and the neighborhoods in each borough have a community feel if you manage to stick it out for long enough.

Doesn't sound too awful. Well, we know New Yorkers can be brash, impatient, and a bit rude, which can especially stand out for those who didn't grow up here. But other states didn't rate so well either. A few might surprise you.

While other Northeastern states like New Jersey, Delaware, and Massachusetts all ranked near the bottom, places like Arkansas down South, or Washington from the Pacific Northwest didn't do so well either.

The top 5:

  1. Minnesota
  2. Tennessee
  3. South Carolina
  4. Texas
  5. Wyoming


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