We may have found something else we can blame this damn virus on. You may not exactly equate the two, but some feel the Coronavirus pandemic is leading to a surge in sales of...crocs? Say it isn't so? However, Crocs CEO Andrew Rees feels there's a direct connection.

We definitely benefited from consumer casualization. Looking ahead, he said value and comfort will continue to be important for shoppers.

Rees also added that the ugly shoes are easy to clean and sanitize, which comes in quite handy during a time when we are more germ conscious than ever. You may scoff at the thought of more and more people wearing of all those ugly ass shoes, but according to numbers, 2020 was actually a very good year for crocs. Fox reports that Crocs forecasted their that their revenue increased about 55% the past year alone.

Basically, you've got a lot more people at home, so comfort is going to become more and more a priority.  Also, if you're there's less people to see and judge you for what you're wearing, so there's that too. Those Zoom calls don't usually see you from the waist down, thank goodness.

Say what you want, but Crocs has definitely tried to shake its image by collaborated with popular music celebrities like Justin Bieber and Post Malone, which has increased their sales and appeal among a younger fan base. They even tapped into the nation's chicken sandwich craze, by teaming up with KFC, for a somewhat unusual collaboration. Yes, it's basically a croc with pics of fried chicken printed all over it, to insure you never get invited out anywhere ever again. But to each their own.

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