After Post Malone's emergency landing in Newburgh this month the rapper celebrated with a feast at a local restaurant.

After winning a Moonman at this year's MTV Music Awards, rapper Post Malone was traveling home on a jet when the plane's tires blew out. The musician's flight was rerouted to Stewart Airport where it attempted to make an emergency landing.

After a tense few hours, the rapper landed safely in Newburgh where he told the press he was happy to be alive. He exclaimed to TMZ, "We’re here on Earth, and I need a beer, and I need some wine, at the same time, mixed together."

Well, according to The Blast, Post Malone wound up getting a little more than beer and wine. It turns out the rapper celebrated surviving the emergency landing by ordering a feast at a nearby restaurant. The rapper and his entourage reportedly visited Joe's Pizzeria on South Plank Road.

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While at the Newburgh pizza shop the group feasted on a dozen mango-habanero wings, another dozen garlic-parmesan wings, and two Italian combo sandwiches. Of course, a visit to Joe's wouldn't be complete without pizza, so the group ordered six pies. Reportedly one of them was a meat lover's pie, another was pepperoni and the rest were plain.