Can you imagine 'Jeopardy!' without Alex Trebek? It was hard enough to deal with him shaving his mustache off, but leaving the show?

In a recent interview, Alex Trebek said that chances are more than 50/50 he'll leave 'Jeopardy!' when his contract expires in 2020.

Trebek has hosted the game show since 1984, while his mustache's contract expired in 2001. Though there's a good chance Trebek will retire, he has some thoughts as to who his replacement should be.

Trebek feels that LA Kings hockey announcer Alex Faust should be his replacement. Faust has impressed Trebek with his work, plus he also has the same first name, which I'm sure is an added bonus.

Trebek also feels that CNN legal analyst Laura Coates would be a good fit for host.

I'd like to officially throw my hat into the ring for the job. I'm the host of the WPDH Rock Trivia on Instagram, as well as the host of a 'Jeopardy!' style trivia game at several Hudson Valley locations.

Put me in coach! I'm ready to play!

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