It’s summertime, and I get that you want to cruise around in your car with your music blasting. That’s part of the summer experience. But when you’re blasting it so loud that things in my house are shaking, maybe it’s just a tad too loud? I happen to live on a kind of busy street in Poughkeepsie, especially during rush hours. And there is a four way stop right in front of my house. So, I hear a lot of music coming from cars.

I don’t care what genre of music you’re listening to, if the bass is too loud, everyone around your car at any given moment suffers. How can it possibly sound good to anyone sitting in the car? I mean, doesn’t the car vibrate and make your head feel like it’s about to explode? Because that’s what it does to me and that’s even with my windows closed and my air conditioner on. And aren’t you afraid that you might be doing damage to your ears? What about hearing what’s going on around you? Don’t you want to hear the warning of a car horn?

I know I sound like the crabby old lady complaining about those crazy kids and their loud music. Not the case at all. I grew up on rock and roll. I’ve been to countless concerts. I have worked at a rock radio station for 30 years. I’m not anti-music in any way, shape or form. In fact, I’m pro-music. That’s why I feel like it’s abusing the music when you listen to it so loud that it's painful to those around you. And if you’d ever admit it, to yourself.

I love to blast my favorite music, too. But there’s blasting it, and then there’s blasting it so loud it sounds like your speakers are about to blow. Why not turn it down just a smidge, and see if maybe it sounds as good, or even better. And if it doesn’t, at least turn it down a little at lights and stop signs. Thanks.

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