The Hudson Valley has seen quite a bit of unsettled weather the past week. Good news is that the first week of August is shaping to be quite nice.

After enduring nine straight days of temperatures of 90 or above, the Hudson Valley experienced scattered heavy rainfall over the weekend and through Monday night.

Forecasters say that the rainfall totals vary from about a half inch in parts of Ulster County, to about six inches in Orange County.

Some parts of the region experienced heavy flooding. While we definitely needed the rain, given the moderate drought we've been in, you certainly don't want it all at once.

That said, the rain is gone and the area will continue to dry out Tuesday, though it will remain quite humid.

Wednesday and Thursday are looking very nice with partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 80s and lower humidities.

Friday will see the mercury begin to rise again with more humid conditions as well. Temperatures could reach 90 degrees as we head into the weekend.