This was certainly a close call.

A coupe a guys in New Jersey almost found out the hard the way what it would be like if a fifty thousand pound animal were to come crashing down on top of them.

This video of a humpback whale jumping out of water dangerously close to couple of boaters has gone viral.

CBS News is reporting that the incident happened off the coast of Union Beach, New Jersey. The surging animal certainly caught these men off guard. While clearly startled, the guys seemed pretty stoked to have seen the giant mammal.

Hey, a lot people pay good money to go out on these whale watching tours and then end up seeing nothing.

Sightings like this off the jersey coast were once rare. However says that they've become more and more common in recent years. Why? Seems that the humpbacks' main prey, the Atlantic menhaden (or bunker) have moved in closer to the Northern coast of New Jersey.

Some experts say the summer of 2017 may bring the most humpback sightings ever.