Solar power may finally be ready to make a huge impact in the Hudson Valley.

Vermont's largest solar company has just merged with Hudson Solar. According to WCAX in Vermont, SunCommon has purchased the Rhinebeck based company and is in the process of rebranding the newly acquired business,

I recently traveled to Burlington, Vermont and was surprised by just how many solar farms have popped up throughout the state in just a few short years. Fields and farms now hold long rows of solar cells, soaking up the sun and converting it into cheap energy.

Solar energy isn't new to the Hudson Valley,. Everyone has seen those kiosks in the mall promising to lower your power bills, but after crunching the numbers most people realized the savings weren't really all they were cracked up to be. SunCommon says that's all changed. Solar used to be very expensive, but now the price has come way down. With a huge company behind them, SunCommon sees major potential in the Hudson Valley.

Because we have so many rural places to plant solar farms and the fact that the Hudson Valley's population is twice the size of Vermont, SunCommon will be aggressively pursing new customers in our area.

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