Photo by Akshay Chauhan on Unsplash
Photo by Akshay Chauhan on Unsplash

Even in this digital age, I’m happy to see a renewed interest in vinyl record albums. For some of us, the interest was always there, but I was afraid that the music lovers of the 21st century wouldn’t even know what a vinyl album was. And now you can buy not only albums but state-of-the-art turntables, too. There’s just something about vinyl…

Another thing I’m happy to see is a renewed interest in my hometown of Newburgh. Even though I haven’t lived in Newburgh for years, it will always be close to my heart. When I last lived there, the Liberty Street area of Newburgh was pretty sketchy. Now, it’s pretty amazing. Restaurants and shops have popped up, and it’s one of the coolest parts of the city now.

So, how cool is it that these two things that have renewed interest, vinyl records and Newburgh, have gotten together? The Wherehouse at 119 Liberty Street, one of the coolest bar/restaurant/music venues in the Hudson Valley will be hosting a big record show this Saturday, Nov. 5. There will be two record dealers, The Vinyl Salvage Company and Bash and Pop Records. Check out new records, old records, rare and vintage. It’s a great way to get your holiday shopping started for the record lovers on your list, or just build your own collection.

The record show will be this Saturday from 12 PM - 6 PM, and admission to the Wherehouse record show is free. While you’re there, check out the area, especially if you haven’t been to that section of Newburgh for a while. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what’s become of the City of Newburgh. And you can’t go wrong with vinyl these days, it’s the hottest thing. Again.

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