An adorable ice cream shop in the tiniest village in the Hudson Valley just went on the market. Is this a sign to change professions?

Have you always dreamed of finally quitting that job and doing something fun with your life? I've always had a fantasy of opening up an ice cream shop. One of my very first jobs was pulling cones at a frozen custard stand and I don't think anything I've ever done since has been half as enjoyable.

I loved being surrounded by the sweet smell of ice cream all day long, seeing the smiles on customers' faces when I handed them a perfectly swirled cone and the fast-paced hustle of a busy summer night when a shift would fly by in the blink of an eye. Getting to eat all the free ice cream I wanted was also a pretty good perk.

If you've also considered how much fun it would be to own an ice cream shop, the perfect opportunity may have just opened up right here in the Hudson Valley.


Adorable Hudson Valley Ice Cream Shop Up For Sale

A cute ice cream shop just went on the market in Unionville. For those who've never heard of Unionville, it's the smallest village in Orange County and at just over 500 residents is one of the smallest in all of New York State.

Unionville is basically just a road with a general store, a pizzeria and the ice cream shop next door. Main Street Scoops serves up some of the most delicious-looking banana splits in the Hudson Valley. The ice cream shop has earned some high praise for its sundaes and cones, as well as freshly made waffles topped with ice cream that are only offered on special occasions.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to a listing with Realty Promotions, Main Street Scoops is up for sale. The business is valued at $75,000, which sounds like a pretty reasonable price for a fully-equipped ice cream shop. This appears to be a pretty amazing opportunity for someone who has always dreamed of running their very own ice cream shop.

Fans of Main Street Scoops shouldn't get too upset about the shop closing up before they can enjoy another cone.  According to the listing, there is still another year left on the lease.

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