Labor Day is behind us, and things just got real. We’re saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer, and hello to fall and all that comes with it. That’s really not a terrible thing if you live here in the Hudson Valley. Fall holds a lot of promise with apple and pumpkin picking, harvest festivals, and beautiful fall foliage. And then there’s the back to school thing.

Some kids are excited to get back to school, see their friends, and to find out what the coming year will bring. Others are not quite as happy. The same goes for parents. Some are thrilled that their kids are going back to school, others are having separation anxiety. No matter how you feel about it, wouldn’t it be cool if there was an event that made going back to school more fun? Well, there actually is.

It’s the awesome “Back to School Event” this Saturday, Sept. 10 from 10AM - 3PM at Vern Allen Park in Washingtonville. It’s a pretty cool event, and your kids could walk away with some fantastic prizes, including one of two ChromeBooks that they’ll be raffling off. There will be raffles every hour starting at 11AM. How does it work? Read on.

Participants will check in at the Events Table to get their "Report Card". then they will bring this card to all the vendors to get their stickers or markings on their card. Once the participants have visited all of the vendors for their "grades/stickers" they will bring their cards back to the Events Table and receive raffle tickets which they can put into whichever raffle they choose. Plus games, a bounce house, vendors, music and more.

Pretty cool, right? It makes going back to school a little more fun, plus it’s a great way to mingle with the community. For more information about the Back to School Event this Saturday in Washingtonville, check out the Washingtonville Community Events Council website

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