Spending summer days and weeks in the Catskills is nothing new. Many of our parents and grandparents did it in days gone by. There are some great towns and villages to explore, the weather is a bit cooler, and the scenery is unbelievable. If you were hoping for a Catskill getaway before the summer ends, this might just be the perfect week to do it. Especially if you’re a fan of rock and roll.

You might remember that 53 years ago a whole bunch of people headed to Sullivan County in the Catskills for a big rock concert that was happening at Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel. It was a concert that ended up making history. Of course I’m talking about the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival in August of 1969. This week there is a concert in East Durham, and it may not be as huge as Woodstock, but it’s going to be big.

The Catskill Mountain Jubilee is happening at the Blackthorne Resort on 348 Sunset Road in East Durham this Thursday, Aug. 11 - Sunday, Aug. 14. It’s a great lineup of bands, with the Dark Star Orchestra and the Disco Biscuits headlining. Over 30 bands will be playing over the course of the 4 day concert, plus food vendors including the Vegan Cafe, entertainers, and even morning yoga on Saturday and Sunday. It’s going to be the best 4 days ever!

Not only will the music be great, there’s so much to do in the Catskills that you might want to give yourself an extra day. I spent the day not far from East Durham a couple of weeks ago, and there are so many cool towns and villages with great shopping and dining options. For more information, check out the Catskill Jubilee website. A concert in the Catskills in the summertime? Yes, please!

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