I was looking at a few places online to take friends when they came into the area and since one is a history buff, I started searching for "historical things in the Hudson Valley." Yes, it might seem like a pretty nutty thing to do, but I came upon something I never would have known otherwise.

There are 3 hotels in the Hudson Valley that are a part of the Historic Hotels of America. This is made even more interesting because there are 300 places nationwide and we have three within a short drive of us.

How can a hotel make this list? According to their website, 

a hotel must be at least 50 years old; has been designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark or listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; and recognized as having historic significance.

Here are the places:

All of the hotels in the site have been painstakingly taken care of and are on the list because they pay tribute to their heritage.

I should have known about the Beekman Arms as I worked there part-time for a bit a few years ago. Their historical significance can be seen and experienced, just by walking through the front door. I think that is the original door, or at least a fabulous replica if it is not original. This is a great place to sit at the bar and enjoy a few cocktails while taking in the history of the place. (Stop on the Underground Railroad? The Ghost Tours?)

I have been to the Mohonk Mountain House a few times, dinner with my Dad and one of their wine tasting weekend festivals. The place is beautiful, the scenery around the hotel is worth it. If you are into pampering yourself, there is a spa, but there are also hiking trails, and golf and hiking close by.

The Bear Mountain Inn, I have never visited, but have had friends work their. They have only told me great stories about their experiences. If you go there, you might also want to take a moment to go to the Zoo that is not quite hiding at Bear Mountain.


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