I know it’s still September, but fall officially begins next week and fireplace weather will be here before you know it. I actually have two fireplaces in my house, but neither of them are operational. They sure do look nice, though. I did grow up in a house that had a working fireplace, but that was off limits for us kids. Only Dad could build and stoke the fire. Bottom line is that I have absolutely no experience with building fires. 

I have always heard that there are certain woods that burn better than others and that there are some woods that you shouldn’t burn inside at all. The other day I got talking with a friend and we realized that neither one of us is familiar with what woods to use for an indoor fire. And even though it doesn’t really affect me, I still found that I was curious. So I decided to research it and share what I learned.

When I googled what woods to use in a fireplace, the first website that came up was the This Old House website. I love This Old House, and I think I can trust them. As I suspected, hardwoods are best because they;’re long burning, and soft woods not only burn fast and smoky, they will also coat your flue with creosote which can be dangerous. Here are the five best woods.

Hudson Valley Winter Is Coming: Best Woods for Your Fireplace

Which Woods Are Best For Your Fireplace?

And the worst woods to use inside?  White pine, fir, red alder, poplar and eucalyptus. So now you know, and you can make the best choices when purchasing or chopping wood for your indoor fireplace. Fireplace season is upon us, enjoy it and be safe!

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