Are you thinking about what to give as a Christmas or Holiday gift? Here are 5 gift ideas that will help you share the Hudson Valley with your loved ones. What other gifts say "Hudson Valley?" Let us know!

Is your gift recipient a historian? A lover of art or even a foodie? Then gifts from businesses here in the Hudson Valley are a special way to share where you live, while also helping out the business owners who call the Hudson Valley home.

What makes a great holiday gift?

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

What goes into a great Christmas gift? Yes, it is all about the thought, however often the reality is that it also has to be within the budget of the giver. Can you make a gift and give it to someone for the holidays or a special occasion? Of course you can!. There are many places that you can find great fibers for knitting or hand crafts along with fabrics to be able to create the perfect gift with your lucky recipient in mind. 

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Short on money, but big on heart? Here's gifts that only cost you time:

Other things you can do as a gift for someone include donating your time (in their name) at a local animal shelter or food pantry or even donating a pint of blood (if you can).

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If you are looking to do something nice for say, myself, you can do any of that or something as simple as taking my car, getting it washed and vacuum out the interior, to me that would be a fabulous present. If you need more suggestions, here is an entire list of gifts that absolutely say "Hudson Valley New York!"

5 Gifts That Say Hudson Valley, That Everyone Will Love!

Gallery Credit: Brandi Hunter

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