For those of you who are curiously seeking out oddities or maybe need a peek into your future I have two can miss events for you this weekend. This Saturday is the Full moon also known as the Quickening Moon so as usual our metaphysical markets and shops have got a lot going on. Learned Religions online mentions that this full moon appears just as we get ready to start new beginnings. It is a wonderful time to reflect and take a look into what may lie ahead.

On Saturday from 12PM to 5PM you can attend the monthly psychic fair in New Paltz that is held at The Awareness Shop. It is an afternoon full of positive energy that gives you the opportunity to stop in and get a reading for as little as $10.

Then later on Saturday from 6P to Midnight you can browse the monthly night market with Moon, Serpent and Bone Oddities & Curiosities. Each month they present a virtual Full Moon Night Market that offers you a chance to connect with tarot card readers and others. Plus you can shop from a full list of night market vendors.

Of course if all of this is to festive for you and you would prefer to just do some quiet full moon shopping then plan a trip to The Dreaming Goddess on Raymond avenue in Poughkeepsie. They just got in Bumblebee Jasper which is full of good energy.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate this full moon at the end of a long cold February just remember to include thoughts of sunshine. We have had plenty of snow.


Things You Find at a Night Market