Fifteen first dates with fifteen different people? Sounds like the premise to some crap romantic comedy. But this offer is actually legit, according to a new job listing.

There is a new way that you can get paid just to go on dates with other people. Of course, some have been doing this anyway for many centuries, but this new job offer is not quite what you're thinking. A company is offering willing participants a chance to go on a number of first dates and share their experiences.

That is, if you can tolerate being around that many people.

Hudson Valley Residents Can Get Paid to Date? 

PIX 11 is reporting that a business called Shane Co. is looking for people to date and get paid $1,500. Their job listing says that the person they select will have to pick and secure 15 of their own dates with 15 different people over five months.

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Basically, if you don't like or talk to or be around a lot of people then this may not be for you. If you have trouble getting even one date, then this also may not be for you.

Woman rejecting a geek boy in a blind date

The job says you can pick your dates through online apps or whatever other way works for you. As long as you're single, live in the U.S., are willing to take a photo to document each of the dates and fill out a brief worksheet, and actually be able to get 15 people to say that they'd be seen in public with you, then you have until  February 10, 2023 to submit your entries. 

May sound like more work than what it's worth? PIX 11 says the winner will be announced February 27.

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