Need some extra cash? Don't we all! Is Halloween one of your favorite seasons? If yes, then this might be an offer for you. Here's the thing, you're going to be scared. If that's not too much, then keep reading. A website called FinanceBuzz is looking for a “Horror Heart Rate Analyst”. All you have to do is watch thirteen scary movies while wearing a FitBit provided by the company. If you can sit through thirteen of the scariest movies ever made, then you can earn $1,300,

FinanceBuzz lists the movies at their website. Some of films include; Saw, Candyman, A Quite Place I and II, Paranormal Activity, and the Blair Witch Project. Along with the FitBit, the company will even offer $50 to cover rental and streaming costs. You have until September 26 to enter. The winner will find out by email October 1.

It's not too unusual for online companies like this to run these special promotions. Back in January, a website called ran an offer where they would pay a choice sleeper $3000 to just to sit still and write reviews. Yes, by sit still, we mean sleeping. All you had to do is spend two months lying on three of their mattress, and then write detailed reviews of the product. With many still looking for work opportunities, promotions like this could be an easy way to earn some extra cash.

Another sleep related promotion in May looked for potential nappers to nap everyday and write a review. Sounds awesome, right? You'd essentially be paid to sleep on the job. A company called EachNight looked for a special group of "Nap Reviewers", and offered to them $1,500 to simply take a nap everyday for 30 days and tell us how nice it was.

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