Would you consider yourself a sedentary individual? Do you have the output and energy of a slug? Need money? Well, we may have found your dream job, though you'll have to act fast for there's only one spot available. If you like sleeping on the job, you can do that and actually be paid to do it.

UPI is reporting that a mattress review platform (huh?) is looking for its own "Sleeping Beauty" to help the company test and review their mattresses. Yes, by testing mattresses, they just mean lying down and sleeping. It's that simple. And even though this promotion says they're looking for a so called "beauty", you don't really have to be beautiful, or even mildly attractive. In fact, you could be ugly as s*** and still get paid thousands. You'll even get to keep one of the mattresses when the trial is over!

The website Sleepjunkie.com is willing to pay their choice sleeper $3000 to just to sit still and write reviews. Got what it takes? All you have to do is spend the next two months lying on three of their mattress, and then write detailed reviews of the product. Sounds easy enough. With many still looking for work opportunities, this could be a way to earn some extra cash. But there are a few qualifications.

To be the right fit for the role you will need to be a self-starter, available to work immediately and independently, have clear writing skills, good evaluation skills and be exceptionally good at sleeping.

Now, there is one thing. Sleepjunkie is asking that their prime sleeper spend the next two months alone at night as they embark upon their nocturnal journey. If you're already alone, then no sweat. If your spouse or significant other hogs the bed, snores loudly, or you just can't stand them in general, then you've struck gold. Enter at the Sleepjunkie website and get ready to close your eyes and drift off to dreamland.

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