You would think people would choose hot coffee during the cold winter months, as their caffeinated beverage of choice? Not so, according to one survey. Panera Bread conducted a survey, asking their customers if they planned on ordering hot or iced coffee this winter. The results? The survey says 78% of customers still planned on ordering iced on the go.

But now, the nationwide sandwich chain has come up with a way for iced coffee drinkers to keep their hands warm while they sip on their coffee, and they used one of their favorite menu items has inspiration. Apparently none of these people own a pair of gloves? Fox News says it's called the Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Hand Warmer. Yes, it looks like a Panera Bread Bowl. No, you don't actually eat the thing, unless you want to ingest fabric material.

See the hand warmer HERE.

The Bread Bowl Hand Warmer is described as kind of like a mitten, where you stick your free hand. There is a compartment that opens up on top where you place your coffee. You can use your drinking hand to hold the thing from the bottom. If your hand you're using to sip on your coffee starts getting cold, then simply switch hands. Now you can win one these hand warmers by entering at at There are only 450 pairs available, so act fast!

And once your coffee is done, you can always find other helpful uses for your Bread Bowl Hand Warmer. You could always stick a cold can of beer in the top compartment instead, while keeping your hands warm. Maybe drop a few snacks in there if you're looking for a quick bite but are stuck out doors for some reason?

There are many uses for this ridiculous looking thing, but again we ask you - please don't eat it. But with some frigid temperatures expected this weekend, this could be a life saver for those who don't feel like parting with their iced coffee this winter. Well, not really. But give it a shot anyway, if you don't mind looking just a bit foolish.

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