Lighting up in the Hudson Valley will cost you more than any other place in America.

According to a report by Wallet Hub, New York is the most expensive state for smokers. The study puts the Empire State's smoking costs above every other state, including Washington D.C.

In the Hudson Valley the average smoker will spend $3,811 a year in cigarettes alone. To put that in perspective, smokers from our area can expect to spend $194,341 in cigarettes over their lifetime.

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Those costs, however, don't take into consideration the other expenses that come with smoking. In their survey, Wallet Hub calculated not only the cost of cigarettes, but also health-care expenses and other costs associated with smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Are you ready for this? Lifetime smokers in New York, on average, spend $2,313,025 more than non-smokers over their lifetime. That's $2 million in cigarettes and other related costs. Even bumming a handful of smokes a day isn't going to make that number much lower.

So which state is the cheapest for smokers? It happens to be the place where most tobacco is grown; Kentucky. Their costs are about half of what Hudson Valley smokers should expect to pay.

You can check out Wallet Hub's entire study for statistics from each state.