A group of hunters in the Hudson Valley were ticketed for illegally killing deer.

In early October, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation received a tip about hunters using bait on a property in the town of Rhinebeck.

Officers visited the area and allegedly found many feeders filled with corn and then talked with a person at a barn on the property who said he killed a deer that morning but was waiting for his friends before retrieving it.

The hunter knew little about hunting regulations, according to the DEC.

While talking with other hunters, the officer noticed another feeder and corn kernels spread around a tree stand and realized the group didn't know it was illegal to hunt with bait in New York, officials say.

Also, the first hunter said he shot another deer that day but was unable to find it, according to the DEC.

The officer spoke with hunters about hunting laws and ethics, including details on fair chase, blood-tracking, and how to field-dress a deer. He then issued several tickets to the group, including hunting deer over pre-established bait, failure to comply with tagging requirements and illegal taking of deer.

All of the charges are returnable to the town of Rhinebeck Court.