An Orange County hospital's patient data system was recently breached, and experts are warning the information could be used for blackmail. Is your personal information safe?

Middletown Medical, an urgent care center in Middletown, recently suffered a data breach. According to New York Upstate, patients personal information was visible on Middletown Medical's website. It was due to a bad security setting on the site.

Site users were able to see patient ID numbers, names, birth dates, and whether or not patients had received radiology services, and when those services were all received. According to the article, Middletown Medical has fixed the setting and users who were unauthorized to see the data were removed.

New York Upstate spoke to an internet security expert who warns that people who saw and had access to this information could sell it or use it as blackmail. Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Steven Spano, the president and COO of Center for Internet Security, said if the information fell into the wrong hands, it could pose a threat.

Thankfully, no social security numbers were revealed. The article states that Middletown Medical is offering identity theft recovery services to anyone affected by the leaked.