Have you ever wondered who settled the towns that we currently reside in? It's possible that your ancestors help create hamlets, villages and towns here in the Hudson Valley.

Some Hudson Valley towns date back to the early 1600s and were referred to by different names that we may call them today.

Rhinebeck, NY was once called Kipsbergen while Sleepy Hollow, NY was referred to as North Tarrytown.

However, over time, some towns are forgotten about and abandoned.

Why Do Some Communities Become Ghost Towns And Abandoned?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Each town has its own story of why it was abandoned. 

This Rockland County, NY abandoned ghost town has the wackiest name. However, those who visit can explore the grounds and hiking trails.

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On the other hand, an Orange County, NY ghost town completely disappeared.

This Orange County, NY Abandoned Ghost Town's Past Remains A Mystery

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Perhaps you're driving past a location and wonder what was there before it. I would have never guessed that an entire community vanished and now sits a power plant.

Within Orange County, NY, this mystery still exists.

Roseton, NY Is A Ghost Town Located In Orange County, NY

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

This once-thriving town is now forgotten. In a different place in time, Roseton was filled with families, several businesses and schools.

The Rose family took over this location in the 1800s with their brick manufacturing company along with a transportation business. This family then grew their business and built a brickyard which was later known as Rose & Company.

This town quickly grew and had its own houses, grocery stores and even a post office. John C. Rose was the man in charge of this great success and community efforts. John Bailey Rose took over after the passing of John C. and continued the achievements of this town.

The Rose family grew successful as they shipped bricks from Orange County, NY to New York City.

The Rose Brick Company had a name for themselves not only in the Hudson Valley but also in New York City where their gravel was used in Central Park. John Bailey Rose carried on the success and was elected to the Senate of New York State. He also was involved with President Roosevelt and was on the electoral college. 

The Rose Brick Company grew and sold bricks worldwide.

Where Did The Name Roseton Come From?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Roseton was named after the Rose family whose success with shipping bricks to New York City gave them the idea to start their own company. Rose & Company planted the seed for the idea of naming the town that they resided in, Roseton.

What Happened To The Town Of Roseton?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

On my adventure to the abandoned town of Roseton, I was wondering how and why everyone disappeared. After the brickyards were shut down, Central Hudson Electric and Gas Company purchased the site and grounds for future expansion. 

The homes and community were then demolished. It remains a mystery where the community went.

However, one building remained out of the demolition of Roseton, Our Lady of Mercy Chapel.  This church brought together Roman Catholics and those in the community in Roseton. 

Have you ever been to a ghost town before? Do you know anything about Roseton, NY? Share with us below.

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I have had the chance to visit these historical sites and will always remember what each one meant to me, what I learned on the tours and how guests can continue to visit in 2023.

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