Live radio stunts can go wrong pretty quickly, so we wanted everyone to see exactly what happened when a syringe was used during a live broadcast this week.

Flu season is upon us, so we thought it would be a great public service to have a doctor administer my yearly flu shot live on the air. The more I thought about getting a needle stuck in my arm during a live broadcast, the more reservations I had about the idea.

My fear had nothing to do with actually getting a flu shot. The flu is extremely dangerous and can incapacitate someone for weeks on end. On the other hand, the flu shot is very safe and, despite what some people claim, cannot actually make you sick. It does, however, protect you from either getting the flu or having the worst side effects from it.

The reason I was nervous about getting a flu shot on the air was because anything can go wrong.  A sudden move or slip could turn this fun segment into a disaster. Or, worse yet, I could actually wind up in real pain, screaming like a small child in front of hundreds of thousands of radio listeners.

What really wound up happening when I got the stuck with the needle live on the air, however, was something I never anticipated:

If you need your yearly flu shot, they're available right now without an appointment at many locations throughout the Hudson Valley, including Health Quest's walk-in clinics in Lagrangeville and Wappingers.