A Hudson Valley town came together this week to rescue a woodchuck who got himself stuck in a fence.

With everything going on in the world right now, it's comforting to know that Hudson Valley residents are still wiling to take the time to assist a little creature who really could use some human help.

On Friday afternoon Margaret McDuffie was walking past Beacon Storage near the Fishkill Creek when she noticed a woodchuck stuck in a chainlink fence. It appeared that the critter was able to get his head through one of the openings, but his chunky little rear-end got wedged in, trapping him in the fencing.

Margaret McDuffie

Not able to go forward or backward, the woodchuck was in a predicament that most likely would have had a tragic ending if it were not for the help of some concerned citizens. A plea was put out on Facebook by fellow Beacon resident, David Smolen, for assistance from anyone who could figure out a way to safely free the woodchuck.

People began offering up their own advice for how to liberate the creature, with some volunteering to come over and personally help with the situation. Eventually, the Beacon police were called and an officer from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was quickly on the scene.

Mike Vahsen

After a few tense moments, the woodchuck was cut free and allowed to scamper away none the worse for wear. Concerned animal lovers and Beacon residents who were closely following the events on Facebook were relieved when news finally spread that the woodchuck had been liberated.

What started out as a welcome diversion from the hard news of the day turned into the feel-good story of the week. Congratulations go out to everyone who was involved in giving this big-bottomed woodchuck's story a happy ending.

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