Parents no longer have to buy points or tokens for their kids to play games at the Hudson Valley Chuck E Cheese locations.

The video game and pizza mecca announced that they will now be offering customers an "All You Can Play" gaming experience. Instead of purchasing each game individually, players will now be able to purchase time to play as much as they want.

Starting at just $9 for 30 minutes, kids will be able to have free reign over all of the games available at Chuck E Cheese. And if they want to take a break to eat or use the bathroom, they can just "pause" their time and resume whenever they're ready at any of the arcade's digital kiosks.

The offer sounds like it could be a huge money saver for most parents. My son can easily burn through $20 in the same amount of time, carefully choosing which games to play so he maximizes all of his remaining credits.

Last summer Chuck E Cheese announced that they were making changes to their business model. They've even hinted at removing those robotic singing characters that have been a birthday party staple for decades. This new unlimited gaming plan looks like the first step to even bigger changes for Chuck E Cheese in the future.