An 11-year-old Hudson Valley boy is organizing his second drive to help the homeless of the Hudson Valley.

Logan Eisenberg from Middletown may look familiar. His story went viral after people were touched by his quest to collect socks for the homeless. Now he's at it again, collecting towels and washcloths for those in need.

After encountering a homeless man at his local gas station, Eisenberg came up with the idea of collecting socks for the homeless. He learned that socks are one of the most needed clothing items for people living in shelters, so he began his quest to collect 3,000 pairs to make sure every homeless person in our area had warm socks.

"Operation Socks" was a huge success. With help from the community, Logan actually beat his own goal and raised 3,687 pairs of socks to hand over to the shelter. His story even inspired us to lend a helping hand:

Logan's new project is called "Operation Socks, But Towels."  After speaking with the HONOR organization, they told him that towels and washcloths were like "gold" at the shelter. On any given night, there are 100 people at their facility, so they go through quite a bit of towels and washcloths.

Logan hopes that the community will help the cause by donating a clean towel to those in need "so they can have some cleanliness while knowing people care."

For more information on how to donate through the month of April, you can visit the Operation Socks, But Towels Facebook page.