An 11-year-old Hudson Valley boy was surprised by a big donation to help his quest to collect socks for the homeless.

Logan Eisenberg from Middletown decided he wanted to do his part to help after encountering a homeless man at his local gas station. The 11-year-old Taekwondo black belt saw his mother give the man a dollar for a cup of coffee and started asking questions about how he survives and where he goes when it's too cold to be on the street.

This led Logan to the idea of collecting socks for the homeless. After doing some research, Logan found out that socks are one of the most needed clothing items for people living in shelters, so he began his quest to collect 3,000 pairs to make sure every homeless person in our area had warm socks. He calls the project "Operation Socks."

We talked to Logan about how he decided to take action and decided we would surprise him with a donation of our own:

You can learn more about Operation Socks and how to get involved on Logan's official Facebook event page.