The amazing image was captured recently in the East Fishkill, NY area.

Bobcat sightings aren't all that rare in the Hudson Valley. In fact, back in 2022, police warned residents about multiple Bobcat sightings in parts of the Hudson Valley. It is however a kind of rare occurrence when you get a chance to capture the magnificent beast in full view on camera.

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Mark Fyffe, a Hopewell Junction resident recently posted a stunning image captured on his neighbor's trail cam to the East Fishkill Community Forum Facebook page. We reached out to Mark Fyffe, and he told us, that another neighbor on July 5 saw what they thought was a Bobcat in their backyard but the video was very grainy since it was rainy. This picture was taken on Friday, Oct. 6  at 6:30 PM by a trail camera that his neighbor Robert Douda had set up in his backyard.

He went on the say that he had not actually seen the bobcat and the camera only took one picture so when it snapped he must have run back into the woods. Since the camera would have taken another picture if he went the other way.

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Fyffe also gave us a little background on the area where the Bobcat was spotted, stating the Appalachian Trail runs right behind their houses there on Woodmont Rd. and said that they do get a lot of wildlife up in those parts. In the Spring they had a flock of about 23 wild turkeys that were in his yard often. Most of them were new baby chicks.


Photo credit: Robert Douda
Photo credit: Robert Douda

What a magnificent beast. I guess I have always been intrigued by the Bobcat, and it's super cool to see the image that was captured from the trail camera recently.

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