I definitely didn't expect to see a bobcat in my back yard when I got home last night. Deer, coyote, fox, sure I've seen plenty of those all over the Hudson Valley. But this was the first bobcat. My first instinct was: this thing is coming to get me. But realizing it would have a hard time clawing through the glass and steel on my whip, suddenly my minivan felt a little like an armored tank.

As I pondered what to do, I determined that it would be impossible for it to make its way to the car if I opened my door to get its attention. So I cracked the door and popped out of the vehicle. The ferocious beast and I locked eyes for a brief moment before it scurried off into the neighbors' yard and onto its next hunt.

According to National Geographic, bobcats are nocturnal and rarely seen by humans. But this thing sauntered right out into my backyard within the view of my headlights. Was this particular bobcat careless or had he or she simply run out of 'F's to give?

The bottom line is, while rare, bobcats are here in the Hudson Valley and they're not going anywhere any time soon.

Tell me about your craziest wild animal encounter!

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