The American Lung Association released the latest data from air quality monitors set up in the Hudson Valley, and it's not good news.

The State of the Air report is an annual review of data collected about pollutants in the air that could affect your health and quality of life. Many people assume that the Hudson Valley has cleaner air than New York City and the surrounding area. While that's correct, it doesn't mean that our air is all that healthy.

In fact, the Hudson Valley has some of the worst air quality grades in New York, aside from New York City and Westchester. Orange County got a "C" rating for High Ozone Days, while Dutchess County got a disappointing grade of "D."

Dutchess County saw eight days where the ozone level was at an orange alert. Orange County had five days where the levels were high enough to trigger the alert. New York City and Westchester received "F" grades, with ozone alert days well into the double digits. Albany County, which is just north of the Hudson Valley, received a "B" rating for ozone. Data was not collected for Ulster and Sullivan Counties.

What this means is that the Hudson Valley is at risk for more potential health problems such as asthma,. developmental harm in children, reproductive issues, cardiovascular harm and premature death.

You can read all of the findings in the American Lung Association's latest State of the Air Report.