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A lot of people I talk to say that one of the things they miss most during the pandemic is live music. The Hudson Valley is full of talented musicians and venues for them to play their music. And their fans are more than happy to come out to support them. During normal times. But these aren’t normal times. Here is a way that you can still enjoy some of your favorite Hudson Valley musicians, without having to leave home.

The Valley Hour is an intimate live-stream concert series that was created, produced and hosted by Annalyse McCoy and Ryan Dunn. The Valley Hour provides the talented musicians of the Hudson Valley with an outlet to perform, through their songs and stories, while providing the community with a safe option to experience live music during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Valley Hour is a five-camera live-stream concert series with impeccable sound featuring amazing Hudson Valley Musicians. The Valley Hour is songwriters like BSKi and Greg Mayo, and guitarist, singer and producer, Andy Stack from Beacon. The Valley Hour is for the music lovers who have lost their outlet to hear live music because their local venues are closed. Who, even if there is a live music option, don't feel ready or can't go out in public to experience the music they love.

The first in a monthly series of concerts will live-stream from the Howland Cultural Center on Thursday, Jan. 28, at 8PM. You can get tickets and more information at the Valley Hour website

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