If a spoonful of mustard can help, an entire bottle can help even more, right?

That was my thought before taking the "Mustard Challenge" this week to help fight childhood cancer.

Hoping to become as successful in fighting cancer as the Ice Bucket Challenge was at fighting ALS, the website No More Kids With Cancer is promoting the challenge aimed at raising awareness. Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children in the United States.

Even though thousands are suffering from childhood cancer, treatments are so out of date they still use chemicals found in mustard gas. The challenge hopes to generate awareness for the need to find new treatments for childhood cancer that don't cause such terrible side effects as children grow older.

Here's how it works; take a spoonful of mustard (the spicier the better) and swallow it. Post the video online, and be sure to let everyone know that you're doing the mustard challenge to help fight childhood cancer.

Or, you could do something really stupid like this:

If this doesn't look like something you'd want to try, you could also help fight childhood cancer this weekend by attending the Hudson Valley Comic Con and picking up this year's Boris and Robyn Show Comic Book. Your $2 donation will go directly to Alex's Lemonade Stand, helping kids with cancer.

If you do the mustard challenge, however, we'd love to see your video. Be sure to send us a link. And if yours is really good, we might even share it right here.