Customers jumping on the 28-inch pizza craze in Hopewell Junction, NY.

Now that's a pizza pie! There are a lot of pizza shops all over the Hudson Valley area, and one of the newest to the area has got on board with a popular fad: The giant pizza. It was reporeted late last year that Hopewell Pizza opened to 5 star reviews in former Aliano's location, and now they're getting attention for their huge 28 inch pies.

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Hopewell Pizza Facebook
Hopewell Pizza Facebook

Hopewell Pizza already brands themselves as "the Home 18 Inch Pie" and "Size Matters", and now size just got bigger. Bronk native Frankie and the crew at Hopewell Pizza started making huge 28 inch pies back in February and they have become a popular favorite.

Hopewell Pizza Facebook
Hopewell Pizza Facebook

Seems like everyday, if you take a look at Hopewell Pizza on social media, there's another 28 inch pie moving out the door. /the craze seems to have really caught on at Hopewell Pizza.

According to Hopewell Pizza, a 28 inch pizza is 8 huge slices or it could be cut into 16. Double cut. The pie goes for $39.99.

People coming out in droves to see what all the talk is about.

Since opening back in October of last year, Hopewell Pizza has been getting rave reivews on Google, including one customer who wrote, "My new favorite pizzeria in Hopewell.. the Sicilian and the regular are both winners. The garlic knots are huge compared to other establishments. Would definitely recommend."

Get on over to Hopewell Pizza and see what all the talk is about at 410 NY-376, in Hopewell Junction, NY.

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