There are always hazards when hiking, and even an experienced hiker can run into trouble. Some of the hazards one can encounter include;  getting lost off the trail, sunburns and dehydration, wildlife, and bad weather conditions - and that's just naming a few.

In what is being referred to as a "coordinated and swift effort", agencies came together to rescue a hiker that took quite a significant fall.

Woman Falls Off 50 Foot Embankment in Westchester County 

The Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department posted on its Facebook page that several agencies were called Saturday afternoon to the Croton Gorge Trail for a fall victim.

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Croton Fire says that an injured woman was located in the wooded hill between the Gorge Park and the upper trailway. But the rescue wouldn't be easy. Due to significant rainfall the past few months, a portion of this trailway has been washed out limiting emergency vehicle access, says officials. 

However, the fire department and other agencies, including the Westchester Police Department, were able to reach the fall victim. Croton Fire wrote, "Thanks to our dispatchers at 60 Control also, they were able to send our Chief the exact mapping position of the aided using RapidSOS so that we could locate the injured and care could be rendered swiftly."
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According to officials, the coordinated effort got the patient to an ambulance in only fifteen minutes.
Croton Fire said that the patient reportedly fell down an embankment up to 50 feet, and suffered head and other non-life-threatening injuries, was taken to Westchester Medical Center by EMS.

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