As sunset begins to creep back earlier and earlier, hikers need to be aware where they're traveling. One wrong turn can lead to big trouble. A Ulster County man, and his partner, found themselves lost off the trail on the way down from a mountain that is over two thousand feet high.

What's worse is that the man had taken a bad fall and suffered injuries.

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Hamlin Mountain is located on the northside of State Route 86 between the towns of Towns of Wilmington and Jay, in Essex County. The New York State Department of Environmental Conversation says that an Oliverbridge man and his partner were hiking down Hamlin Mountain when they got lost.

New York State DEC Rangers Rescue Lost Hikers 

The DEC says that Forest Rangers responded to a call for two lost subjects on Hamlin Mountain, late night September 12.

One of the hikers reported facial injuries from a significant fall. Rangers reached the two hikers and treated the 70-year-old man from Olivebridge for a broken nose and arm and hand injuries, says the DEC.

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The DEC says that the two hikers lost the trail on their way down from the summit and ended up in hazardous terrain. Due to the darkness, the hiker fell and slid 30 feet down a rock slab and hit his face on a rock. After treating the hiker's injuries, Rangers provided head lamps and helped the pair out of the woods.

The hikers drove themselves to the hospital., according to the DEC. Here's their story.

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