Regifting. It used to be a bad word, and for some people it still is. But I’m all for regifting, and I’ll tell you why. In fact, I will give you a couple of reasons why I’m perfectly fine with regifting, whether it’s a gift that I’ve received and passed along, or whether you give me a gift that was intended for you.

First of all, nobody wants to think that they spent time and money on a gift that will sit in a closet for the next several months or years, never to see the light of day. Sometimes you get a gift that you know you’ll never use, but your best friend or favorite cousin would love it. I’d much rather see that gift being used and loved than stored away. If I ever give you a gift that you think would be perfect for somebody else, feel free to regift it. My gift to you is that you don’t have to buy a gift for someone else. And they will end up with that perfect something.

Another reason that regifting is okay is because it’s green. You’re recycling when you regift. Many people see regifting as cheap, but I don’t. If it’s a brand new gift and it fits the regiftee, what’s the problem? And isn’t the whole idea of a gift to get the right thing for the right person? Is it all about how much money you spent? Not to me.

I’m not saying that you should give a used gift, or that you should regift because you were too lazy to get a gift for someone. I’m saying that I think regifting is fine if the gift is all wrong for you, but just right for someone you know. And as far as receiving a regifted gift? I’m okay with any gift you give me, and grateful that you even thought of me.

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