Earlier this week, multiple reports came in to law enforcement in the Town of Haverstraw in Rockland County. The calls were for reported gunfire in an area of town which resulted in the death of one individual.

The shooting occurred on Monday July 1, 2024 and since then law enforcement have been actively investigating the incident. Now only days later, law enforcement has provided an major update in their investigation.

Haverstraw Shooting Details

According to the original reports provided by the Haverstraw Police Department, reports and calls for the shooting came during the late afternoon hours on Monday. When first responders and law enforcement arrived on the scene between Fairmount Ave and West Street, they discovered a vehicle which had crashed into another vehicle on the street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Next to the crashed vehicle, law enforcement also discovered the victim in the shooting on the ground and he was severely wounded. The victim was identified as 29-year old Pomona resident, Christian Alvarado.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Upon finding Alvarado, first responders immidiately began applying first aid. Reportedly, Alvarado had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the torso. After first aid was administered, first responders rushed Alvarado to Nyack Hospital for further treatment. Unfortunately, that additionally treatment would not be provided, as Alvarado was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital.

Late Afternoon Shooting in Haverstraw Results in One Fatality

You may read WPDH's original coverage of this incident by clicking the link above.

Major Update from Haverstraw Police

In the days since the shooting, police have been collecting evidence and addressing any leads they had in the investigation. Now just days later the Haverstraw Police have provided a major update in the investigation.

The new information released is that Haverstraw Police are in search of a person of interest who has been identified as a suspect in what they are calling the murder of Christian Alvarado.

Haverstraw Police Department
Haverstraw Police Department

According to the recent press release from the Haverstraw Police, the suspect has been identified as 18-year old Yandie Martinez. Specifically, the press release states that are attempting to locate Martinez with the intent to arrest him in connection to the homicide. It also states that Martinez should be considered "armed and dangerous".

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Martinez is described as being approximately 6'0 feet tall, weighing about 170 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes and his last known address is in Haverstraw. In addition, Martinez also has some distinctive tattoos on his neck and also the inside of his right forearm.

Just as when the shooting first occurred, Haverstraw Police will take responses from any individuals with information on this case, including the potential whereabouts of Martinez. The Haverstraw Police can be contacted at 845-354-1500.

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