Long before Harvey Weinstein was a powerful movie executive, he was putting on shows at the Mid Hudson Civic Center.

Weinstein started his career right here in New York. He and his brother Bob Weinstein teamed up with a fellow by the name of Corkey Burger back in the 1970s to form Harvey & Corkey Productions. The company promoted rock concerts throughout New York and the Hudson Valley.

Stan Beinstein, former sales manager for 101.5 WPDH, recalls working closely with Harvey Weinstein after his production company secured a contract to run shows at the Mid Hudson Civic Center around 1979. The contract lasted for about five years, and during that time Weinstein spent lots of time in Poughkeepsie.

Beinstein worked closely with Harvey Weinstein on WPDH concerts at the Civic Center including Meatloaf, The Allman Brothers, Nazareth, the Pretenders and other high-profile acts. The former sales manager recalls the disgraced movie producer as a "bully." Beinstein says working with Harvey Weinstein was stressful because he was "always waiting for the other shoe to drop." Beinstein says he was a "fierce and crafty negotiator" and always got his way.

Stan Beinstein
Stan Beinstein


Beinstein tells this story of one encounter with Harvey Weinstein

I walked into the office at MHCC once and he was playing poker with the late Brad Grey (his assistant who would go on to become President of Paramount Pictures). There was a pile of stacked $20 bills on the desk. Harvey tossed me a stack of twenties, I caught it (and) he said "wanna play high card ?" I shrugged my shoulders, about to sit down (and) he drew a queen and announced "here's yours" and drew a ten. I tossed him back the stack of twenties like they were on fire. He said, "you owe me a grand" and started to laugh.  I said, "Harvey... I never even sat down!" He worked me for a minute then relented. He knew he would need a favor from me on the next show or the one after that.

During a ten-month investigation by the New Yorker, 13 women claimed that Harvey Weinstein either sexual harassed or assaulted them. Since the story was published even more accusations have surfaced from high profile actresses including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.