I can’t believe how many stories I read about Hudson Valley Businesses permanently closing their doors. Restaurants and delis, new shops and places that have been around forever. It hasn’t been easy these past few years, and the Hudson Valley has paid a price. We’ve lost so many great businesses.

Recently there was an article published that mistakenly said that the Jolly Cow in Lake Katrine would be closing. What? How can that be? They’ve been there forever and they are always packed. They post on social media every day. Could this be a mistake? It could, and indeed it was a mistake. I talked to the folks at the Jolly Cow, and they assured me they are not going anywhere. And the news gets even better.

I was told that the Jolly Cow is looking to expand to a second location. So, not only is the Jolly Cow not closing, they’re growing. It’s nice to know that the great quality and sense of community will continue in their new location, as well as in their present location. Two Jolly Cows are better than one.

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If you’ve never been to the Jolly Cow, you’ve gotta get there. They’re at 1620 Route 9W in Lake Katrine. Delicious ice cream and more. They even have Pup Cups for your best friend. You’ll know you’re there when you see the big cow, which is a great place to take a selfie if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m not into selfies, but I’m sure into ice cream.

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