After months of remodeling, H&M is ready to reopen to fanfare and surprises for Hudson Valley shoppers.

We will soon find out what several months of construction has done to transform the H&M store at the Poughkeepsie Galleria. In January the clothing retailer announced that it was temporarily shutting down its Poughkeepsie location for a "makeover". Soon after, a makeshift wall was constructed around the massive store which has remained as a reminder of the work going on inside.

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The first quarter of the year is usually the slowest time for retail, which makes sense why H&M would wait to do their remodel until after the holidays. It appears that work is now complete and the store will reopen just in time for customers to stock up on their summer wardrobes.

H&M Announces Reopening Date and Giveaways

A lively ribbon-cutting ceremony is being planned to relaunch the store at the Poughkeepsie Galleria. The event will include a live DJ spinning music and prizes for the very first customers who come to check out the newly remodeled location.

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The mall's social media account says that the first 100 shoppers "in line" will win a gift card to "kickstart their H&M shopping spree" that will be valued up to $100. It's unclear when customers will be allowed to line up to claim their gift cards. The grand reopening is scheduled to take place this Saturday, April 20 at 11am while the mall itself officially opens at 10am. Doors to the mall are generally opened earlier in the morning for employees to enter and mall walkers to do their laps.

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