The vast majority of people in everyday life manage to go their entire lives without ever being arrested. In life, there are also plenty of people who do things that are by definition against the law which leads to arrests and people going to jail. Recently though a story came from the Putnam County Sheriff's Office that I thought only happened, when you watch shows about cops on tv.

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The recent news was reported by Putnam County Sheriff Kevin J. McConville, which was in regard to a North Salem man that was arrested not once but twice inside a 24-hour period.

Arrested man in handcuffs with handcuffed hands behind back

Details Behind North Salem Man's First Arrest

The report from the Putnam County Sheriff's Office states that the first of the arrests occurred late last week, the morning of July 29. Deputies from the Sheriff's Office were alerted to and responded to a distress call at Carmel Cinema. The distress came in the form of the burglars alarm which had been triggered at a residence.


When Deputies arrived on the scene they found the door to the establishment unlocked with broken glass scattered around the area. Officers then quickly found the male suspect who was "yelling and throwing papers". Officers quickly apprehended the man and he was then taken into custody.

Deputies on the scene examined the premises and observed numerous areas where damage had occurred throughout the business. Some of the damage included broken countertops as well as damaged lighting and damage to the doors of the theatres.

Broken glass in car .

The suspect was eventually identified as Brian Venuti of North Salem, he was then charged with...

Criminal Trespass 3rd, Petit Larceny, both misdemeanors, and with felony Criminal Mischief 2nd, Burglary 3rd, and Criminal Impersonation 1st due to the fact that he told Deputies that he was a Police Officer, which he is not.

Old abandoned prison/jail in Illinois, USA.
Nicola Patterson

Venuti was then taken by Carmel Volunteer Ambulance Corp to a Putnam hospital, was treated for injuries and then returned to the deputies custody. Venuti was then taken to the Putnam County Correctional Facility for arraignment and was later released with a ticket to reappear in court.

Details of Arrest Number Two

The following day on July 30, just before 7:00am, not even 24 hours after the first incident, deputies were called to an area near 15 Independent Way where EMS were already helping an "unconscious male". That male was identified as Venuti. Deputies attempted to put him under custody to evaluate him which Venuti resisted. This lead to a struggle and two deputies being injured.

Going to Jail

When the situation was under control and Venuti was apprehended he was taken once again to Putnam hospital. Following his second release from the hospital, Venuti was taken for his second arraignment at Town of Southeast Court where he faced his newest charges...

Resisting Arrest and Obstructing Governmental Administration 2nd, both misdemeanors and with Assault 2nd, a felony

Man in prison hands of behind hold Steel cage jail bars. offender criminal locked in jail.
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Second time appeared to be the charm as Venuti was remanded back to the Putnam County Correctional Facility where latest reports state he's waiting on either $1000 bail or $2000 bond.

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