Gas prices continue to fall and are expected to go even lower by Christmas. Right now, there's already one Hudson Valley gas station that's below $3 a gallon.

According to Gasbuddy, fuel prices have fallen for five weeks in a row. This week the national average is 14.4 cents lower than it was a week ago. That's almost 57 cents lower than a month ago and 11 cents lower than the same time last year. It's not just regular gas either, diesel prices have also fallen over 14 cents since last week.

This is great news for families preparing to travel for the holidays. The easing of gas prices is also expected to have a positive impact on the price of goods. There are many factors that affect the price of gas, one being the price of oil. Last week, barrels of oil fell to the lowest price in nearly a year.

Koehler Urges Higher Gas Prices
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The lowest gas price in the Hudson Valley

Here in the Hudson Valley, we're starting to feel the impact of these lower fuel prices. In fact, one gas station has become the first to begin offering fill-ups for under $3 a gallon. According to Gasbuddy, The Citgo on Quassaick Ave in New Windsor is currently pricing regular gas at $2.99. The second cheapest gallon of gas in Orange County was found at the Mobil on Route 6 in Port Jervis at $3.05.

US Gas Prices Rise For 35 Consecutive Days
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Prices in Dutchess and Ulster Also Going Down

Although no gas stations outside of Orange County have reportedly begun selling gas under $3 a gallon yet, prices continue to fall. Ulster County's cheapest fillup can be made at the Mobile on Route 9W in Highland. On Monday their price was $3.21. The nearby Speedway on Route 9W was selling regular gas for $3.27 a gallon.

In Dutchess, prices remain highest in the region but are also on the decline. The Gulf on Freedom Plains Road in Poughkeepsie and the Valero on Violet Avenue in Poughkeepsie are both currently the cheapest, selling gas for just $3.29 a gallon.

New Zealand Petrol Price Reaches New Record
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More Deals Expected This Week

As we get closer to Christmas, more local gas stations are expected to lower their prices below $3 a gallon. If you happen to stumble across a cheap gas station, let us know. You can send us a quick text message using our free mobile app.

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Which Hudson Valley Gas Stations Have the Best Gas?

If you're looking to put quality fuel in your tank, experts say that you need to have gas that's registered as "Top Tier." The Hudson Valley companies below all adhere to a higher quality standard that includes the use of important detergent gasoline additives. Tests have shown that fuel with these additives will greatly improve the performance of your vehicle and make it last longer. Being listed as a Top Tier fuel company isn't expensive or hard, so if a gas station isn't on the list below it may be unlikely that they are providing fuel with these important additives. Some convenience stores could either be using one of the Top Tier fuels below and rebranding them as their own or selling a discount untreated gas, but it's hard to know and may vary depending on the location.

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