With the first day of Spring this Tuesday, people are ready for warmer days. While we won't be seeing any spring-like warmth for at least another week, there is a bit of good news.

Some forecasts had been calling for a significant snowfall event in the Northeast by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Now, most of the weather models are agreeing that this will probably not be the case.

Is this a one hundred percent guarantee? As always with the weather, no... it's not. But most of the forecasts are calling for this developing coastal storm to stay to the south and then push out to sea Wednesday.

There always is a chance however that this could change, so we'll keep an eye on it. One thing that is for sure is that it's going to be very cold this week. Temperatures are expected to stay about twelve degrees below normal as we enter the first week of Spring.

Don't put away the winter coats just yet.