The past few days have been very hot and sticky, with heat advisories in place. Sometimes it's extremely difficult to stay cool when it's this hot outside. Here are some ways to beat the heat.

Even with the air conditioning blasting, I'm still feeling hot as we go through what seems like July weather here in the Hudson Valley, which I'm sure will pass, but man I'm sweaty. If you find yourself without an air conditioner or access to a pool these days, it can be a lot to handle.

My air conditioning is broken in my car, and it's one of those things I forget about until I'm driving along dripping sweat on these hot summer days, even though technically it's not summer yet. I should push that up on the to-do this year.

So, if you're struggling to stay cool and are looking for something to help you beat the heat, here are some quick ways to cool down if you're having a bit of trouble handling the Hudson Valley heatwave.

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